Dame Margot Fonteyn and the Panama coup

Dame Margot Fonteyn and the Panama coup http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22339272

Reminds me of Donald Sutherland and Gene Wilder’s Start the Revolution e o Me… 😉


Relaxation Music – 1 Hour Meditation Candle – YouTube


For weeks now (months?), I have had trouble falling asleep, and wild dreams during, last night I found this on YouTube… I was asleep in minutes and slept like a rock….

He Is, I am, We are

lovely “he is the erotic finger movement along a 12 string spanish guitar” – mmmm, i know a man w those mad skills 😉


He is the throbbing of a plucked base string

The vibrations being felt along my flesh

He is the beating of a war drum

Echoing across the dark valley between my thighs

He is Gabriel’s burnished trumpet

Held to perfect angelic lips

He is the erotic finger movement

Along a 12 stringed Spanish guitar

He is the shifting of dawn to daylight

The moment when day fades to night

He is the moment of conception

And the rattle of life’s departing Grace

He is the first splatter of a clean, heavy spring rain

The crystal clear, bowed perfection on a drop of morning dew

He is the beauty of a new born, bloodied baby

The joy of exhaustion on a new mothers face

He is the old bark protecting a majestic tree

The warm, rich soil underneath bare feet

He is the soaring flight of a majestic eagle

The quiet…

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Connected but Alone?

Connected but Alone?

Connected, but alone? – Sherry Turkle

As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Sherry Turkle studies how our devices and online personas are redefining human connection and communication — and asks us to think deeply about the new kinds of connection we want to have.

Talk by Sherry Turkle.

via TED Education.


This is interesting to me for many reasons – I see myself here, not focusing on my daughter – off on my phone on some site or other… then walking into the same room with her and she’s on her phone, trolling some site – doing what she sees me doing…. it’s not a good thing. We get in the car together and she chatters up a storm and I am a combo of amused, amazed and, yes, annoyed… I listen to people talk all day long – silence is golden to me – but sitting here (w technology… 😉 ) I am realizing that I am short changing BOTH of us – she will be leaving in a few years and what will she have learned of family connection? Nichts…

Also, it makes me think about a friendship that was mostly texting for communication until there was a move. … And in that separation, to keep connected, I began to do what I like to do – “talk” – moved from texting to emails so now there is what she calls real communication. … hehehe, I will have to ponder that one in a more private place.

But! it’s an interesting (longish) vid, watch it on your technological device of choice (!!) and then go look at one of your loves in the eyes and talk to them a moment!

out of the mouths of babes (sometimes aptly called our Spawn)

oh lord, this so has me laughing. earlier today I read the following, which is so something my darlin’ daughter would say:

if I were a murderer, I’d be the Febreeze Murderer and lead my victims blindfolded to undisclosed locations and I’d ask them what they smelled and they’d be like “omg ocean air and tulips” and then I’d rip off the blindfold and it would be a pile of the bodies of my previous victims. (tumblr poster is attains

my Bella sent it to several friends and they all fell out laughing and La Belle even thinks it would be an excellent Halloween skit idea. Febreeze needs a new advertising plan…