Mount Fuji Photographs from Heda in Izu Peninsula (Autumn/Fall)



With fall/Autumn coming soon we shall be able to admire Mount Fuji from a long distance again as the skies will gradually clear up.
There are many spots where you can enjoy great views of the most famous mountain in Japan, but I have a special weakness for one very precise spot!


Heda, now merged with Numazu City, is a harbor tucked away inside an almost closed cove, the epitome of what Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture has best to offer to any tourist, be he/she Japanese or from more distant shores!
-A resort off the beaten tracks.
-A spa renowned for its thermal hot springs.
-A major fishing harbor part of Numazu City, one of the main providers of seafood to Tokyo.
-Arguably one of the best spots to admire Mount Fuji in the whole of Japan!
-A gastronomic venture with its deep-sea fish and marine life including the…

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The Sweetest Fruit

The sweetest fruit comes latest—
After September has tanned the butternut’s skin,
Its belly swollen with fertility by August heat,
Even after frost has nipped creases and sugar into the kale.
Suffering too much heat and too much cold 
Seems required for succulent maturity.
Here in this cold climate,
The tomato vine doesn’t give up her ripest fruit 
Until she can see her own end.

So don’t mourn the swift green of spring—
Forget about the heavy work of growing summer.
This is the season of delights—
The time for deep flavors on the tongue
For slow-grown fruitfulness,
Heavy in both your hands.
Now we store up for the long winter
Everything we ever needed—
The odalisque-soil has given her rich breath
To serve her lord, the sun.