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I’ve lived in south Louisiana all my life so, to me, it’s cool once it starts hitting the mid/lower 60s, and I say winter is 53 degrees and colder. This morning for some reason I didn’t look at my weather app first thing, most likely because I didn’t have to go to work today so “slept in” meaning got out of bed at 623 instead of the usual 523, and I got up and made coffee and was on the phone and didn’t want to wake my daughter so I moseyed on outside with my coffee and the phone and stood in the sun looking about and chit-chatting and when I got off, I poked about looking at the dead stuff, thinking about what I’ll be getting in a few months to replace it and I was thinking how lovely and comfortable it was and how “they” (the nameless weather “they”) had said it was going to freeze overnight. And I rolled my eyes at their silly, lying, maybe just ignorant, selves and I ambled back in and checked the weather app and it said it was 28 degrees out… !!!! I refreshed and it STILL said 28 degrees out! I was INSTANTLY freezing and miserable. Whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” was not a hothouse southern belle acknowledging winter temps cuz I about cried.


Second E-Mail From Future Me

I need to check this out, it sounds fun. I’ve been journaling for too long to mention here but yes there was paper then and no it wasn’t papyrus 😉 and it’s fun to go back and read old entries, esp pre-K (daughter’s name starts w K) and laugh at my sweet silly self 😉

Edward Hotspur

I use this fun service called Future Me. I have used it several times. Basically, you write an e-mail to yourself and set it to be sent at some future date. Sure, you can use your Outlook or other program to do the same thing, but then the e-mail is always there, tempting you to look at it. When you use Future Me, you forget you sent it until it shows up in your inbox one day.

In the e-mails, I usually try to predict what will happen, and give myself some kind of inspirational pep talk. It’s part fortune cookie, part zen, part educated guess, part wishful thinking, part philosophical outlook, and part goal-setting. This time was no different.

Here is the e-mail I sent to myself back on 19 May 2011, before I even started this blog.

Dear FutureMe,
Hopefully you are living in Florida right now…

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O Taiko Festival at Toyosumi Shrine in Yui, Shizuoka City on the New Year!

sounds fun, wish I could be there too 😀



On the new Year there are indeed quite a few unusual festivals happening, and Shizuoka is no exception!
I found this sign, among others,yesterday as I was strolling along the Old Kitakaido in Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City and decided to investigate a little as I am really interested in attending it!


This is a very old festival indeed as it took place for the first time in 797!


It is one of the two major festivals in Yui with the Sakura Ebi Festival in May!
Yui had been a city of its own and one of the famous stations along the Old Tokaido Route as painted by Hiroshige until only a few years ago when it was merged into Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City


It has been held all the time at Toyosumi Shrine/豊積神社, a very old shrine built in 791!


The exact address is 静岡県静岡市清水区由比町町屋原185/Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimizu Ku, Yui…

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