dealing with negative people in your life and perspective

I am reading an article in an excellent magazine called Mindful (Jun 2013 vol) and in it is a fun little article about being mindful in sex. Mindfulness is actually defined as “presence of heart” so while it sounds like you’re thinking about the grocery list, you are actually thinking about your honey (not your orgasm – the other person’s 😉 ). So anyway – the reason my article and disorderlybeautifulchaos ‘s blog tie together is that mindfulness is the act of processing emotions/feelings but not labeling them as good or bad (or positive or negative as in the blog). Oh, and also, people get to mindfulness best and habitually (according to the article) thru meditation. So! the point finalmente is meditation/mindfulness/rejecting negativity for positivity causes “increased corticol gyrification (folding) of the brain’s insula” which! (I will be leaving this website to go meditate after) a study in Dartmouth found that “women with more gyrified insula experience more intense orgasms.” Don’t believe me? see the middle of the middle column on p56 😉

So let go of your negative words and embrace the now moment and know it is always only one person’s flawed perspective (so goes my understanding of Thich Nhat Hanh) and hug your honey and increase the gyrations of your insula (and your hips).

Bye now!


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