Several sources (another blogger and the WP Bot, so two sources) say having a theme – a focal point – leads to a successful blog. I am really here because I love to share all the odd things I come across – usually, these days, online in some manner – but still I often see something in the real world that gets me to giggling too (or makes me curious or say “coool!” or “eewww!” but, as w any train wreck, I simply must share. … heheheh). In the last year, I have shared primarily (exclusively?) w a Friend, but, lord lov’em and his patient ways, that sometimes means five or six emails in a day – I’m not sure even a parent would deal well w that πŸ˜‰ so I have decided to share here instead. That means (getting to the point) that my theme is Emme Unrestrained: any, and every, thing that intrigues me in some manner can end up here. Some of those things are truly interesting, some of them ordinary, and some, well, my sense of humor leaves some people cold. It won’t be much that is obviously personal: I have a journal to whine to. It won’t be some of my darker preferences πŸ˜‰ : I have a tumblr name too. This is going to be odd dribs and drabs that catch my eye in any area that I happen to be in at the moment (science, poetry, art, humor). I will try to remember to use tags, I am terrible about it on tumblr so I am one of those awful posters who causes your tumblr screen to go from kittens to porn in four seconds flat….

If you are reading this, thank you and enjoy!


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