Staying Home


I am one of “those people”. You know the people I mean. The gutless wonders who stay hidden behind the safety of their monitors and keyboards, the lazy sloths who prefer to lament the loss of liberty from the comfort of home rather than step out in the open to make their voices heard. I am one of “those people” who never accepts the invitation to show up.

There are a lot of us out here. We watch and wait in wonder, never understanding why our countrymen are not out in the streets marching against all that is corrupt and wrong in government. I applauded the youth involved in the Arab Spring and the Brazilians for protesting against frivolous government expenditures. I watched Malala Yousafzai deliver a passionate and courageous speech at the United Nations and I was struck by her ferocious refusal to relinquish her beliefs. I know why…

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