Angel – Seventh Part : He will find her

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


She looks divine.

Her arms raised above her head.

The leather cuffs around her wrists are secured by a simple device to the top of the door. Her naked back is against the cold, painted wood. She is wearing nothing but lacy black panties, tied at the sides. And her unusually-bold-for-her fuck-me heels.

And a black leather blindfold, tied about her brave head.

He taps the inside of her ankles. One, then the other. She instinctively knows it is a signal to place her feet further apart. He takes the spreader bar and clips it to the D ring on each cuff. She senses, but does not test, that she cannot now close her legs.

She feels his hand upon her left calf. It is not where she expected him to begin. His fingers are cool. She remembers them. Long, slender, and sensitive. Such elegant, beautiful hands. She feels a…

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