personal demons


There is actually a connection here for me as the first is about PTSD and acknowledging the need for help, seeking help, and most importantly, accepting help. The second is about psychopaths/sociopaths/people-you-wonder-why-get-born-if-God-is-really-interested-in-our-health-and-happiness 😉

I read the PTSD post first following links on a new-to-me blogger and then because the theme of the site he was guesting on was interesting I went and read the next one up and had to laugh at myself. PTSD and then psychopaths .. I think the scariest thing about mean people (to the core mean-for-lack-of-understanding mean) is that they move on w o second thought and yet you remember forever. I have been super lucky the last few years to have Someone who just listened and because of that I finally (amazingly!) moved past the hindering/crippling part of the experience but it makes me shake my head at the silly me who ten years ago had an opportunity to talk to a professional who even wondered aloud if I had been a victim of what I had been a victim of and yet I was so practiced in the art of denial by then I moved her past that w a wide-eyed “good heavens, what sort of pansy-assed-wench do you take me for?” smile. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I had addressed the issue at the time but other times I know that I would maybe not be where I am and I like me today overall. If you can rise over adversity, you can find pleasure in your ability to survive, and I love now when I realize I too can forget as I was forgotten, but I do agree that help, even just a truly understanding non-judgmental ear, is vital.


One response to “personal demons

  1. One day you will have forgotten so much about it your mind will suddenly flit upon a memory and you will smile to yourself at how far away it all is…. Best of luck to you, Kat

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