What do you REALLY want?

Knowing that “no matter where you are, there you are” ( I’ve never wanted to run away from *me* but I’ve always wanted to get away from here) I want to run away 😉 and I am gonna starting May 2015… 😉

Curmudgeon at Large

We start our lives full of innocence and without pretensions.  Along the way, we start gathering aspirations – some small, others  grandiose – the ones that our parents or guidance counselor or life coach dream up for us so that we will, like Pavlovian dogs, salivate at the mere mention of them.

Of course we want to grow up to be all-star athletes or beauty queens or Phi Beta Kappa Rhodes Scholars or dot.com billionaires or rock star/athlete/movie celebrities with our own yacht and castle and gold Bentley.  Of course we want to write the next great novel.  Of course we want our children to grow up to be doctors or lawyers or CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.

And we want to win the lottery.  And we want world peace, an end to hunger, weight loss without exercise…

But let’s get real here, folks.

What do you really want to achieve in this life?  I mean, really?!  When I…

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