Lady Serenity

love this

Michele D'Acosta

When Lady Serenity
saw me, she swerved.

Her detour a reminder not to dwell on anxiety.

I want to absorb the tempo of my female hero.

Go with her on a journey. We’ll decide.

Fill a syrup-colored packing case with maps loosely packed.

Plan our getaway on the backs of envelopes.  Take me with you.

“Live and love as if there’s no tomorrow.” I wish she’d said to me.

“Die to tomorrow.”

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2 responses to “Lady Serenity

  1. I so appreciate you reblogging Lady Serenity. I’m glad you like her style 🙂 Hope your readers will be encouraged to getaway physically and metaphysically… after an encounter with Lady Serenity!

  2. you had me at “she swerved” (!!) since it’s ambiguous – she swerved to meet me (always a blessing) or maybe she swerved away from me (frequently happens but I am learning that it is actually I who sidestep her 😉 ). I enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing them!

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