My name is Emme and I am addicted…


My addiction will never hurt anyone, no broken bones, no cops, no job loss (well, so long as my bosses aren’t prudes 😉 ). I keep a journal on They’re great but apparently they have a cute little goat named Frank who is allowed to wander about in the server farm and Frank sometimes gets bad and eats wires that he shouldn’t… sigh. Frank has been bad for hours now – H O U R S – I am dying…. I write in my journal a lot, a lot a lot, esp when I’m feeling pazza-headed and today was a bit of a wild one for me from dreaming to waking to thinking that I need to take up boozing as a hobby…. I love LJ and they are usually up and rocking and rolling but when they’re not, I click the button every other minute, checking status of the site. … now that I think about that, I may be part of the problem… heheheh

Frank, quit eating! You’re going to get indigestion.


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