Anger at Boston ‘bomber’ burial

Anger at Boston ‘bomber’ burial

I understand the Muslims anger at him being buried in their cemetery w o their knowledge, tho I dead their departed care in the least. The problem is that, as they mentioned, some may rally about him in their either anti-US sentiment or general moodiness and rebellion. W regard to the “interfaith” person, they had to have know if 1) several states had denied him already and 2) they didn’t consult the cemetery owners (surely I misread that too), that there’d be hell to pay w the secret burial. And why not find a nice atheist burial ground? Those believers get buried too after all. And then finally, since I’m sure he’ll end up exhumed, if not in the beginning, then after a few desecrations, why not find him a lovely little plot of land in the middle of nowhere and sink him deep? People’s determination to keep even the dead in groups intrigues me (of course I’ve long said cremate me, or drop me in the Mighty Mississp’, so I may not be the right person to be wondering these things 😉 )


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