Living Simply: What we leave behind.

the amazing thing about people like him is that they have no idea of the gift they give to others….

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This past week, I found myself unexpectedly traveling to a funeral for a dear friend’s grandfather. It was a special time. This incredible man had volunteered to offer his life for his country in the second world war, and later raised three children (two adopted) with his wife. By the time I met them, his family was huge. Grandkids, nieces and nephews, great-grandkids, they seemed to be everywhere. More than once, I was astounded at the size and scope of this community.

During the week leading up to the service, my friend and I stayed in her grandfather’s home. It was so precious to be surrounded by decades of pictures, books, and trinkets. Each little piece held a story, and even though I didn’t know what they all were, I felt the weight of them. His home was a sanctuary. It wasn’t cluttered by any means, but full.

It was…

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